Bergen Video Guide Series Table of contents

Below you’ll find a list of all the available video guides:

From Bus Station to Blue Stone (via Train Station).

From Blue Stone to Barber shop.

From Blue Stone to Bryggen (via the Fish Market).

From Blue Stone to Floyen (via the Fish Market).

From Blue Stone to Nordnes park.

From Blue Stone to Shortest Street in Bergen.

From Blue Stone to Laksevag Senter.

From Laksevag Senter to Secret outlook spot.

From Laksevag Senter to Olsokfjellet (via Damsgardsfjellet and back to Laksevag Senter.) One of the seven main mountaintops surrounding Bergen. (Lyderhorn – 396m, Damsgardsfjellet – 350m, Lovstakken – 477m, Ulriken – 640m, Floyen – 400m, Rudemanen – 560m, Sandviksfjellet – 417m.)