The seven main mountaintops of Bergen

Illustration courtesy of: M. Adachi

There’s this tradition (since 1948) in Bergen that involves a hiking route trough all seven of the main mountains surrounding the city. Just like the Bergen Marathon, these are both (hardcore) annual events with thousands of participants every year, celebrating Norwegian’s outdoor sports / hiking tradition.

There is the main 7 mountains hike and an easier version, “only” 4 mountains (the same goes for marathon lovers, the marathon route on the map below marks the half marathon, the full marathon is doing the whole route twice). Just select the route you wish to see or follow.

The first mountaintop you have to get to is Lyderhorn (396m) followed by Damsgardsfjellet (350m), Lovstakken (477m), Ulriken (640m), Floyen (400m), Rudemanen (560m) and eventually Sandviksfjellet (417m).

After finishing the race you get some merchandise you can brag about to your friends (a diploma and a t-shirt), because nobody brags about joint, hip pain or all the blisters you are going to earn after completing this hardcore race. BTW, if you are below 12 or over 65 years old, the 4-mountains hike counts as a 7-mountains hike.

Document the whole 30-some km race will probably not happen simply because limited battery life but we’ll take you to each and every outlook separately. This page and links will also be updated as we progress. Remember this is an ongoing project done in my free time wit no sponsors.

This homie called Ludvig Holberg (his statue is visible from the Fish Market ~ Fisketorget), on the other side of the main road, looking over the bay) gave birth to the whole idea. He was inspired by the seven hills of Rome and eventually blessed Bergen with with the corresponding seven mountains, simply referred to by locals as “Syvfjellsturen“.


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